What is Kwegg?

Kwegg is an AI-driven content management product suite that helps businesses publish superior content using AI. It provides a content productivity board with generated titles, outlines, and introductions, as well as a draft generator that users can change at any stage of content generation. Kwegg also collects information around your products/services and provides the ability for you to provide a brief overview of the article to help you generate titles, outlines, and drafts. Kwegg uses generative AI models to generate content quickly and efficiently. You can create multiple workspaces, representing essentially a website for which you are creating blogs, and Kwegg generates titles that you can select and provide more context about. Kwegg also generates outlines and drafts, which you can edit and tweak, and it provides advanced editing options, such as the ability to rephrase, expand, or shrink lines.

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